An Offering

#1 ~ Nov 2015 EuroAmericana Chart

#1 ~ Oct 2015 EuroAmericana Chart

#4 ~ Sept 2015 Freeform American Roots Chart

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"Tough, sweet, and hard to shake, An Offering contains some of the best songwriting you're liable to hear this year.
Madison Searle

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Amanda Pearcy Accolades
“Amanda Pearcy’s songs are a bit unusual, which I like.”
— Steve Young (“Seven Bridges Road”, “Lonesome, On’ry and Mean”)

Amanda Pearcy’s music is rooted in her hardscrabble history, authentically grounded in her earthy, soulful voice. Testifying to her southeast Texas upbringing, Pearcy’s songs carry a sense, and the sensuality, of the South, weaving themes of home and its loss; love, both surrendered to, and longed for; and our human experience’s collective memory. Her third album with producer Tim Lorsch, An Offering, continues the journey where the critically acclaimed Royal Street left off, settling in for the ride through the Deep South back to Texas; the timeless sound rolling with the heat waves off an asphalt highway, and quenching the thirst of a steamy summer evening. Bobbie Gentry’s “Ode to Billie Joe” fits right in with the 11 original compositions, Pearcy’s own lyrics shining a light on the dark places of struggle prior to surrendering to life’s tougher lessons, with a faith in the insight that comes with getting to the other side of them.

Upon its release in 2013, Amanda Pearcy’s Royal Street spent an unprecedented three months at #1 & #2 on the EuroAmericana Chart, and ended at #7, behind Steve Earle and Guy Clark, on that chart’s Year End List. She and the album were John Conquest's picks for Songwriter and Album of the Year in his 3rd Coast Music's Best of 2013, and the album charted on two other prominent Americana year end lists: #1 on Johnny’s Garden and #4 on AltCountry Forum.

Most of the songs on An Offering were written during a transitory year and a half after the success of Royal Street. Living on the cusp of homelessness, Pearcy cared for travelers’ homes in exchange for a temporary roof over her head, while a beloved family member was incarcerated in the oldest prison in Texas. It is not surprising that imagery from hearth and home and snapshots from the urban landscape are evident in the songs on An Offering, exploring freedom and confinement on the home front, as well as what we reveal about who we are by what we hide, what we give up, and what we offer. The songs culminate into a blissful sigh in the instrumental reprise of the title track, showcasing Tim Lorsch’s gorgeous strings.

In addition to Tim Lorsch’s baritone violin and cello, An Offering is given eloquent treatment by George Bradfute’s guitars and mandocello; Ron de la Vega’s bass, Mickey Grimm’s drums, Mike Daly’s pedal steel and resophonic guitar; Stefano Intelisano’s Hammond B3, Rhodes, and Farfisa; Matt Giles’ electric guitar, Ray Bonneville’s harmonica, and the voices of Vickie Carrico, Britt Savage, and Jimmy Lafave. Collectively, some of the artists these musicians have recorded with are Sam Baker, Hayes Carll, Slaid Cleaves, Rodney Crowell, Mary Gauthier, Kris Kristofferson, Gretchen Peters, Townes Van Zandt, and Lucinda Williams.

The band was tracked in one weekend in April, 2015 at George Bradfute’s Tone Chaparral in Madison, TN, with additional recording through the rest of the spring and summer by Carles Zanetti at Relac’Soundfactory in Austin, TX, and Tim Lorsch in Nashville, TN.

Regretful wanderings and bittersweet reminiscences are among the stories that inevitably work their way into Amanda Pearcy’s songs. Apparently the restlessness, the missteps, and the tragedies that brought her so much pain, and thus a resilience of hope, have also planted her firmly in the garden of authentic songwriting that comes from one who’s lived it.